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Snapify: Where the photo magic begins!

Snapify Fotobox


  • Professional flash
  • DSLR camera
  • Large touchscreen
  • Live view
  • Professional printer (12s)
  • Beautiful design

Snapify Fotobox
01  External flash. Perfect pictures, no matter the lighting!
02  Professional Canon DSLR, not a small webcam.
03  Not a small tablet, but a large touchscreen!
04  Dye sublimation printer, prints fast and sharp photos. 

Photo booth within reach: How to book Snapify

Check desired date

Quite simply: Check availability and get a swift response!

Photo booth booking

Design your experience in the event system: Easy data entry and individual layout design – make your photo booth unique!

Photo booth delivery

Our team delivers the photo booth directly to your event location anywhere on the island and ensures perfect setup – stress-free and reliable.

Unlimited photo fun

Enjoy unlimited fun: Unlimited prints and time, topped with a selection of our great props!

Express yourself – Your photo, your style!

Choose from a variety of stylish layouts or bring extra glamour to your prints with our design service (+30€). Got ideas? Perfect! Create your own layout or let our chic templates enchant you. Whether it’s a classic collage, elegant strips, or a splendid single image – your creativity knows no bounds. Tip for trendsetters: Send us your custom design and we’ll turn it into photo magic!

Fotobox Fotos Collage
Snapify Collage Mobile

Your photo booth – Custom offer upon request

Price upon request

Enjoy our all-inclusive package: Unlimited printing, no time limit, including setup and breakdown (Vienna and 50km surroundings), props and 24h support. Transparent prices with no hidden costs after your event! 

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Photo Booth Deluxe: What sets us apart from the budget providers!

Check your date!

01 Select your date in the calendar!
02 Enter the occasion and your email.
03 Done. Send the inquiry.

    Asked, Clicked, Solved – The Snapify FAQ Quickie!

    Simply send us a message at with the date and location of the event. We will send you a confirmation of order within a few hours. A few weeks before the event, you will receive an email with the link to our event system to provide all details (setup times, layout, etc.).

    This question cannot be answered universally. If it's a date during the wedding season (April – October) and on a Saturday, we recommend booking six months in advance – otherwise, two months ahead is also sufficient. If your celebration is in the coming days, please write to us today and we will, if possible, take your booking.

    No, we ask you to pay the invoice amount only after the event.

    No, but it is possible to book supervision as an upgrade (€25,-/hr).

    The photo booth is very easy to operate, so no supervision is necessary.

    For the green screen background, we set up a physical green photo background (2x2m). This is then replaced by a digital image and displayed/printed as the background. You can send us the desired images. We recommend not giving guests more than 3 images to choose from (selected via touchscreen). Caution: As the lighting conditions change throughout the day, the green may also change, which can cause the green screen to stop working. It is therefore important to either instruct a guest or to book supervision, who can adjust the software settings in case of a change. Upgrade cost: 70 €

    In principle, no. We set up the photo booth even without any persons present. The operation of the photo booth is very simple and self-explanatory: you only need to press the start button on the start screen and then "Print" at the end. We only need access to the location and information about where the photo booth should be placed. Either we get this information from the location owner during setup or you enter it into our event system (link provided a few weeks before the event). We need a power outlet at the photo booth location.

    We need a space of approximately 2x2m, a power outlet, and, if possible, a neutral single-colored wall for the background. If you wish, you can also organize a table to place the props on.

    You can either choose from pre-made designs, design the layout yourself using Photoshop based on our templates, or have the design done by us (upgrade €30,-).

    We offer postcard (10x15cm print) and photo strip format (5x15cm x two strips).

    You can book double printing as an upgrade (€100,-). With this upgrade, prints in postcard format are printed twice and in strip format four times. Without the upgrade, photos can always be printed once (2 strips), but the number is unlimited. Double printing is included in the price in the premium package.

    Yes, the photos can be sent by email. The user enters his email address on the touchscreen after the photo is finished. This function is only possible with a stable internet connection at the location!

    The Snapify photo booth is delivered and set up by us. Delivery across the entire island is already included in the price.

    The setup and dismantling of the photo booth take place during the time period you specify. You define these times in our event system before the event, the link to which you will receive by email a few weeks in advance. Typically, the photo booth is in operation overnight, therefore it is picked up by our staff in the morning. The dismantling can also occur on the next working day if it is not possible earlier.

    We have about 150 different props – you will receive a randomly chosen prop box with about 15 different items. No props (sticks with paper motifs) are used, but real wigs, glasses, and funny hats.

    Yes, all our packages include a box with about 15 different, funny props.

    If the photo booth is placed in a covered area and it cannot be stolen at night, it is generally not a problem. Please note that mixed lighting (sunlight and flash) adversely affects the quality of the prints. High temperatures also affect the print quality.

    In principle, no. However, it is recommended to use a neutral, ideally, a white wall as it makes the faces in the photos more visible. You are also welcome to set up your own background, which must be approximately 2x2m to fit as many people in the picture as possible. Alternatively, you can also book a background from us (cost: 70 €).

    Since our photo booths have a studio flash installed, you do not need any lighting – the room can be completely dark. We even advise against using mixed lighting (sunlight and studio light).

    We always fill the printer with a new paper roll – that's a total of about 880 strip or 440 postcard prints. This quantity is usually sufficient. Should it happen that the paper runs out, you can still take photos, and we will send you the prints afterward free of charge by mail.

    The number of prints is unlimited and operates on a fair-use principle. Each photo is printed once without an upgrade, with the strip format automatically producing two strips and cutting them automatically. The printer is refilled before each event, which usually lasts the whole day.

    Our packages are unlimited in time – we deliver the photo booth on the day of the event to the venue and only pick it up the next day. When we can deliver it, you let us know in the event system.

    We are available around the clock, twenty-four hours a day, should there be any problems.

    You can either pay the invoice amount in cash on-site or settle the amount by transfer after the event.

    You will receive the invoice after the event, from which point the service must be paid for.

    Yes, we will send you all digital images by wetransfer after the event. Please also check your spam folder!

    Snapshot Stars: Our Photo Booths in Focus!

    Catch a glimpse of our photo booths – the real party heroes! In this gallery, see how cool and versatile they are. Perfect for your next event!

    Photo booth rental in Mallorca: Essential for every event

    Planning a wedding, a special celebration, or an event somewhere in Mallorca? A photo booth at your event location brings the fun factor right to you. From our location in Mallorca, we guarantee fast and efficient provision. Our photo booths are equipped with the latest technology, including a high-quality Canon DSLR and a powerful external flash, ensuring high-quality photos that perfectly capture the mood of your gathering.

    Island-wide service in Mallorca: We are there for you everywhere

    Our service in Mallorca covers everything – from the delivery to the setup and breakdown of the photo booth. Whether your event is in a luxurious facility like Finca Comassema or at a historic site like Monastery Lluc, our experienced team knows the best places and ensures a smooth process.

    Ready for famous event locations in Mallorca

    The snapify team is familiar with the leading event venues across the island of Mallorca. This minimizes stress for you and guarantees seamless service. Our photo booth is specially configured for the conditions of your event location to maximize your event’s potential.

    • Comprehensive service all over Mallorca
    • Optimal adjustment to each location
    • Reliable and fast delivery

    Creative photo fun for every event

    Our photo booth offers a selection of entertaining accessories that turn every wedding, party, or event in Mallorca into an unforgettable experience. Invite your guests to pose in a joyful and creative atmosphere and capture special moments.

    Unlimited photo fun in Mallorca

    The photo booth guarantees boundless fun and enables your guests to create wonderful photos throughout the event, without time restrictions. It will surely be the centerpiece of your event.

    Rent a photo booth in Mallorca: Create unforgettable memories

    Choose our photo booth in Mallorca for your next event and create an unforgettable highlight. Enjoy top-quality service, excellent service, and endless fun that creates lasting memories.